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Los marcianos somos nosotros. Almacén personal de imágenes e ideas. Una invasión de arquitectura+diseño+arte. INVASORES DEL ESPACIO_ arquitectura como colonización del espacio. PERCEPCIONES_ Imágenes, representaciones, ideas, figuraciones, percepciones, pensamientos, conceptos. ALMACÉN_ Producción propia.


“We delight in 
the beauty of the butterfly, 
but rarely admit 
the changes 
it has gone through 
to achieve that beauty.” 

― Maya Angelou

[Guy Catling Collage Art]

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Stairway to heaven! by simonGman on Flickr.

"The effect of the facade of the Institut du Monde Arabe the is like a giant Islamic pierced screen, giving great significance and an audacious brilliance to this remarkable building. From the inside it is like looking into the light and seeing a "Stairway to heaven"."

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The Story of Kowloon Walled City


The early phases of the Walled City were characterized by predictable building typologies and the buildings were constructed on the principle of squatters’ rights, with random construction on spots of available land by whoever got there first. Alleyways and passages evolvedunplanned—into the established ‘map’ of the city, which would remain until it came down. A basic electric supply existed, increasingly burdened by illegal connections that frequently overloaded the system, and the few standpipes supplied the only water. As the need to accommodate the ever growing residential and commercial populations forced it to in the 1960s, the building typology of the Walled City made the leap from two- to three-story residential structures to taller, six- to seven-story ones. This represented an important threshold, because at these greater heights the buildings unavoidably became more complex and required greater labor to realize, reinforced concrete, more investment, and so on.

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The Field and the Nave: the Mezquita of Córdoba

  The Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba, also called the Mezquita, is a medieval Islamic mosque that was converted into a Catholic Christian cathedral in the Spanish city of Córdoba, Andalusia. The actual state of the building sums up an impressive layering of different epochs, styles and rel…

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Blueprints | Leon Ferrari | Socks Studio

León Ferrari (1920-2013) was an Argentinian conceptual artist who worked with a series of extremely different medias through the years. Trained as an engineer, he gained notoriety in the 1960s thanks to his polemical works on religion and politics. Exiled in 1976 in Brazil, he started  a series of plans using heliography, the technique traditionally employed by architects,until the advent of the computers, in order to reproduce their drawings.

SoP | Scale of Representation

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